Ludwig Drums

Ludwig USA Snare Drum
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As the first snare from the modern era to utilize our original 2-pc. shell design, the 1930 "Standard" Model Reissue, Nickel-Over-Brass Snare Drum is a true work of art. This limited, 60-pc. collaboration between Ludwig and Italian goldsmith Adrian Kirchler, The "Standard" incorporates two thin brass sheets that are joined together at the bead and formed into a strong shell.

Using the same level of craftsmanship Adrian used on Ludwig's 100th Anniversary Gold Triumphal snares, each 2-pc. Brass shell on the "Standard" Reissue is hand-rolled in the Italian Alps using the traditional double-crimped bearing edge on the top and bottom. Following Nickel-plating for a superior finish, two panels are hand-engraved using the Ludwig Triumphal "Flower" pattern, and fitted in the USA with brass-plated die-cast hoops and tube lugs.

Ludwig Drums and Percussion