Ludwig Drums

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Loud, open attack with long sustain and massive overtones.

Product Configurations

Ludwig Drums
Pro Beat
L8844XXSSB 14x24" Bass Drum
LF866XXSSB 16x16" Floor Tom
LT893LMSSB 9x13" Tom
LB402BBTWM 6.5x14" Snare Ludwig Drums

Vision. Tradition. Precision. Power.

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Extremely limited in production, The Special "Chief" Edition Stainless ProBeat kit is a true testament to our timeless roots. Forged for unprecedented volume, sustain, and power by drumsmith Ronn Dunnett, these 1.5mm hand-rolled steel shells produce enormous tone and volume without brash overtones. In tribute to our company's founder, each bass drum shell is fitted with the minted chrome "Chief" badge.

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The 1970's were a time of great innovation at Ludwig's Damen Ave. facility. True to Ludwig's tradition of innovation, Stainless Steel kits were forged for unprecedented volume, sustain, and power in heavy music. Ludwig's Limited Edition Stainless Steel drums are a true testament to our timeless roots. Only 100 kits will be made available, all of them hand-rolled and tooled by Drumsmith Ronn Dunnett. The first 50 feature a polished stainless steel finish and brass hardware; the second 50 with a brushed stainless steel finish and chrome hardware. This ultra-thin stainless shell and bearing edge of each drum create a tone of such enormity that they simply have to be experienced to be believed.


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Ludwig Stainless Steel Available in Brushed Steel w/ Chrome Hardware

Ludwig Stainless Steel Available in Mirror Chrome Steel w/Brass Hardware

Ludwig Stainless Steel Blue/Olive Badge

Ludwig Stainless Steel "Chief" Badge

Ludwig Stainless Steel Classic Lugs

Ludwig Stainless Steel Curved Spurs

Ludwig Stainless Steel Classic Tom/Floor Tom Brackets


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Ludwig Element Chief-Edition Mirror Chrome Stainless Steel
3-Pc. Pro Beat Kit w/ Brass Hardware

Ludwig Element 3-pc Brushed Stainless Kit
w/ Chrome-Plated Hardware (with optional 12" and 18" Component Drums)

Component Drums

Stainless Steel Component Drums

Brushed Stainless Kit w/ Chrome-Plated Hardware
Model Name
LB844XXSB 14x24" Bass drum
LT882XXSBWR 8x12" tom
LT893XXSBWR 9x13" tom
LF866XXSB 16x16" floor tom
LF868XXSB 16x18" floor tom

Mirror Chrome Stainless Steel w/ Brass Hardware
Model Name
L8844XXSSB 14x24" Bass Drum
LT882XXSSBWR 8x12" tom
LT893LMSSB 9x13" tom
LF866XXSSB 16x16" floor tom
LF868XXSSB 16x18" floor tom

Ludwig Drums and Percussion