Ludwig Snare Drums

Bronze & Brass


The Ludwig Snare Drum pedigree was built on the foundation of Brass. Now available in a variety of sizes and options, Ludwig Brass Snares project with bright, soaring highs and a crisp sensitivity essential for capturing every stroke.


A softer, darker alloy generally used for cymbal making, bronze presents a unique blend of metal snare projection and the warmer tones of a wood drum. Options include standard 2.3mm triple-flanged or die-cast hoops, Imperial or tube-style lugs and Classic P85 or Millennium P86 snare strainers. Bronze snares are also available with Super-Sensitive snare strainer.

5x14" Bronze
6.5x14" Hammered Bronze
Hammered Brass
Features Ludwig's seamless bronze shell with smooth finish for ultimate resonance. Hammered bronze snares deliver a unique, drier tone and a broad sonic range. Hammered using the same process as Ludwig Timpani. 5x14" and 6.5x14" models are similar in tone to the Black Beauty but higher in pitch. Features seamless brass shell with tube lugs and 2.3mm hoops.
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Chrome-Plated Brass Snare
Features spun seamless brass shell, brass plated P86 Millennium snare strainer, brass plated P33 butt plate, brass tube lug, brass die cast batter and snare hoops    

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