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1.What is your typical schedule on the road (or in the studio) like?

A typical day on tour is pretty open as far as free time. I wake up and try to find some food and coffee to get my days started. I'll also start drinking water to get my muscles hydrated which is super important, especially if you're drinking the night before haha. Ill usually sit with a drum pad throughout the day for about 20 min at a time just to get familiar with the pair of sticks i will use for the set. Before the show i drink some more waters and get ready.  Im always very anxious before playing so i stay away from caffeine after breakfast.  Play the show and hope it goes well.  After the show i take a shower and get ready to hangout. I always talk to crew and band members after the show to get feedback on my performance and the show all together. Im always looking to improve and become a more solid player. Any input helps. Theres not better feeling then walking off the stage knowing you played your best.  When im in the studio is when i am most comfortable. Ive been in and out of studios since i was 15.  I love working on projects as a studio drummer. Basically i will get the songs emailed to me. It usually consist of scratch guitar and click. I spend my days sitting an listening ober and over till the structure is comfortable. I dont really write fills. I have ideas but i never let them solidify in my mind. My best takes are when im just playing without thinking.  Day in the studio is 100% focus.  

2.What are some of the things you love about your job?

I love my job!!!  I love the fact that i can create  something from a little thaught in my mind and turn it into something that is put "on record" as that simple thaught. It is then copied numerous times and released to people that can listen to it and interperate how ever they want to perceive it.  I learned to play drums off other bands records. Wether it was garbage or not it made me who i am. 

3.What are some of the drawbacks?

Some of the draw backs......  Not being able to see your family. Not being able to see your significant other for months at a time.  Missing out on birthdays, holidays, camping trips with your best friends.  Beimg in a touring band is such a privilege but its hard work and you have to be willing to give up almost anything to make it work. 

4.What made you want to play drums, and how did you get started?

I remember the first time i played an actual drum set. It was at my friends 11th bday party. I got to sit at a drumset and just play along to whatever garbage was on the radio.  I could clearly remember it as if just happened agew days ago. 

5.Whom did you study with and how did that affect you?

I never studied with anyone. Im a strong belieer in " if youcan figure it out on your own, you will have a better interperatation of what things actually meen." i think that applys with everything in life. 

6.What was your most difficult -or challenging- gig, and how did you handle that?  

I remember doing a tour in europe. We were out with a band where nobody cared who we were. We were getting yelled at and boo'd all night. It was the worst feeling in the world.  Especially being out of our element.  We basically played all of our songs back to back so the lids didnt jave a chance to heckle us. Hahaha. That actually made our future shorter sets run alot smoother. Everything happens for a reason........ Right?

7.How did you get your current gig?

I got into bayside knowing a mutual friend. I had to learn about 28 somgs in about one week.  All that studio work at a young age really paid off. 

8.Are there certain shows that stick out in your mind above others?

I remember my first show with bayside. It was the first unitarian chirch in PA. I remeber playing terribly and people going absolutely insane.  I also remember this small girl getting here front teeth knocked out on the monitor.  It was so much fun but i knew i had alot of work ahead of me. 

9.What was the strangest thing that has happened (or that you have seen,) during a tour?

I remember being let into a water park in omaha nebraska at 1am. Apparently somebody we met had a key!!  We went to the water park where our buddy proceedes to open the bar and turn on all the water slides. It was a shit load of fun!!

10.What do you do to maintain your versatility as a drummer?  

Shaking peoples hand with my left hand. Sitting with my practice pad and just playing rudiments. 

11.What’s your current set-up, and what are you digging about it?

Im playing the ludwig club kit right now. I love it!  Im only 5' 4" so i decided to go with the 22" kick drum. It really brings everything alot tighter. I really dig using the smaller drums now.  They are so much easier to play as far as set up and playing. 

12.How important to you are the drums you play and how do you feel it affects your playing?

I always played really big drums thinking they were louder and easier to play. After afew recent studio sessions i realized i was completely wrong. I wish i had someone to teach me what ive been slowly learning myself.  Since ive started playing smaller sizes i have noticed my live performance become alot more consistant. Its nice to not have to beat the shit out of your drums to get the sound you want. 

13.What drew you to Ludwig?

Ludwig is the classic drum company!  Not only do the old kits sound amazing butthere new kits sound just as good. They are consistant in there product which i think is really important. Almost every mit i have owned has been a vintage looking finish. All ludwig drums have a classy vintage look to them. The drums speak for themselves sonically.  Ludwig has always been my top choice. Im so proud to finally be a part of te family. 

14.Can you describe how you tweak your drums to get your personal sound?

I dont do anything crazy to my drums. The only thing i do different is instead of using moon gel i use the stretchy sticky hands. I learned this trick my old drum tech/close friend.  

15.Are there any upcoming projects that you are particularly excited about?

No projects inparticular. I know in August and september ive got 2 studio sessions which im totally excited about. I havent heard any of the material yet. Pretty excited to see what i get to work on. 

16.Who are you major drumming influences?

Everyones favorites!!  Steve Jordan, John Bonham, Stuart Copeland, Jason McGerr, Cyrus Bolooki. 

17.What are your four favorite albums (drumming or otherwise)?

I'd have to say some of my favorite drumming albums are the death can for cutie albums. I think McGerr is extremely creative. I also love the John mayer albums. Jordan is the perfect example of "less is more"

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