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Four in One

KOLOR is a popular rock band in Hong Kong. They are a four piece band which are formed by vocalist and guitarist Sammy, guitarist Robin, bass guitarist Tom and drummer Michael in 2005. The name of KOLOR comes from the English phrase "COLOR" which represents their diversities both musically and personally, leading to greater impact on the Hong Kong music scene.

From being excavated to standing out conspicuously

KOLOR was established in 2005, composed of four members from local bands Lamkee(??), Tat Flip and Nothing None and they hope to form a unique musical style of the band. Since being appreciated by Hong Kong musician Steve Wong Ka-Keung of rock band Beyond, KOLOR released their first album "COLOR" which earned them the runner-up award in 'Hong Kong Commercial Radio Music Awards for Best Band or Group'. Energized and spirited by this award, KOLOR released a powerful follow-up album "SURREALISM" in 2009, which included radio hit songs (Surrounding In The City(??)), (Helplessness(????)). KOLOR's album features their signature melodies and hooks with a new maturity in musical style and arrangement. At the same time, KOLOR became more famous and got more opportunities to perform in larger scaled gigs.

Overwhelming response in KOLOR's first concert

After years of hard work and experience of a series of performances, KOLOR released the third album?Independence?on August 6, 2010 and held their first concert ?Independence Live?in Star Hall. KOLOR's latest singles are available to be downloaded for free to their fans on the web since February 2010, and (Seeking For Karma(???)), (Half Song(???)) had a high air play rate in radio stations. The single 'True and False' is featured with local musician Candy Lo which found various acclaims recently. The songs (Passengers(??)), (In That Day In That Year(????)) in the album?As Simple As?has had a good response as well.

Co-operation with 24 HERBS in Star Hall

KOLOR officially announced co-operate with the local popular Hip Hop group 24 HERBS in November, 2010, and they held '24K (24 HERBS + KOLOR) Concert' in Star Hall on December 21, 2010. It was their first time to perform on stage with over 3000 spectators and this became their important milestone.

Getting much attention from the performance in Taiwan

KOLOR participated a large music festival in Taiwan'Simple Life Festival' together with other Hong Kong bands in December, 2010. This provided KOLOR with a good chance to expand their career outside of the Hong Kong region.

First time their new songs became champion

KOLOR's 1st plug song (Foolish Old Man(??)) was champion in Music Pop Charts at RTHK and another plug (Philadelphia Experiment(????)) was the sixth in Hong Kong Commercial Radio 903 Ultimate Songs Chart. This laid a booster for KOLOR to hold'KOLOR Now Loading Concert 2011' on July 23-24, 2011 and release their fifth album [Change].



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