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Ludwig and Rock Band 2 - The Beat Goes On

Ludwig Drum Co. is proud to announce its continued cooperation as marquis drum brand in Rock Band 2, sequel to the wildly successful Harmonix gaming franchise. "Rock Band is an amazing way to bring the thrill of live drumming into the hands of the gaming community," says Ludwig Director of Marketing Kevin Packard. "We couldn't be happier about Ludwig's continued involvement in the game! Once gamers realize that Rock Band is actually training them to play real drum beats, we genuinely feel that a new generation of drummers will rise as a result. Besides, it is a LOT of fun to play!"

Taking the live music experience to the next level, game developers at Harmonix worked closely with the Ludwig Team to assure that all in-game gear was as accurate as possible. Each player begins on a Ludwig kit, and is given the option to upgrade -and even customize- their gear as the game progresses. Classic Maple Series drums are represented in a number of original Ludwig finishes like Black Oyster Pearl, Black Diamond Pearl, multiple Sparkles and Fades, and even classic Vistalite acrylics.

"We worked really hard to recreate them, and I wanted my team to out-do the Ludwig kits from RB1." states Rock Band Producer Jason "King" Kendall. "I think that we did the great Ludwig name and design justice, but you'll be the ones to know for sure!"

In addition to customizing their gear, each player has the option of outfitting their in-game rocker with actual selections from Ludwig's new clothing line. Ludwig is also represented in Rock Band 2's new song list by many Ludwig-backed bands, including Cheap Trick and Interpol (as well as numerous songs that were originally recorded using our gear.) Sure to be a sure-fire hit this Holiday season, look for Rock Band 2 in stores everywhere now (a black Classic Maple kit is even on the cover art work for the bundle and game!)

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