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Franklin Vanderbilt, Jason Sutter, Lenny Kravitz: Nothing but Ludwig

Every once in a while, we here at Ludwig get some photos that we just have to share. While on a double-bill tour of France with Lenny Kravitz, Chris Cornell drummer Jason Sutter has been sending us continual updates, as well as experiences gained from being on the road with such amazing drumming talent.

"Franklin (Vanderbilt, Kravitz's drummer and Ludwig Artist,) is killing it!" Jason says, during a much-needed break. "At the start of the tour, Lenny sat behind my red Classic Maple kit and said it was like driving a vintage Cadillac! He smiled and read the Ludwig logo on my kick head, and said that NOTHING else would ever be on his stage again other than Ludwig! Pretty rad." Kravitz, who plays all the drum tracks on his recordings and is also a new Ludwig Artist, has recently been known to get behind Franklin's kit during portions of the live show.

"We are having a blast!" Sutter says. "It has been really cool because Franklin and I use virtually the same gear on stage! The Chris Cornell band is hitting the major Euro Music Festivals starting tomorrow, but touring with Kravitz was a real honor!" However, along with playing shows with his band, A Run Through the Desert, on off nights from the Cornell gig, Kravitz is not the only icon they get to share the stage with. "We're playing with Springsteen at the PinkPop Festival in Amsterdam tomorrow! Rok!!"

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