Ludwig Drums

Ludwig Concert Percussion


The Universal Ludwig Model provides a deep parabolic resonant shape in a one-piece, molded fiberglass kettle for rugged construction and enhanced affordability. Plus, you get the same matchless Balanced Action™ tuning you'll find in our premium lines. The pedestal mount and folding legs allow for convenient packing when space is limited. The ultimate portable timpani.

Timpani Universal Series
Model Name
LKU302F Set of 2 (26" & 29")
LKU302FH Set of 2 (26" & 29") standard gauge
LKU304F Set of 4 (23"-32")
LKU304FH Set of 4 (23"-32") standard gauge
LKU305F Set of 5
LKU305FH Set of 5
LKU320A 20" (Aluminum kettle) w/o gauge
LKU320AH 20" w/ standard gauge
Timpani Universal Series
Model Name
LKU323F 23"
LKU323FH 23" w/ standard gauge
LKU326F 26"
LKU326FH 26" w/ standard gauge
LKU329F 29"
LKU329FH 29" w/ standard gauge
LKU332F 32"
LKU332FH 32" w/ standard gauge

Ludwig Drums and Percussion