Ludwig Drums

Ludwig Concert Percussion


The Single Screw Machine Model provides quick tuning and a fiberglass kettle designed in the same parabolic deep shape as our high-end models. The sturdy metal legs can be telescoped into the kettle. It is ideal for junior and senior high schools to introduce students to this unique, tone-producing percussion instrument.

*Note: 20" Kettle is aluminum.

Machine Series Timpani
Model Name
LKM202F Set of 2 (26" & 29")
LKM202FH Set of 2 (26" & 29") standard gauge
LKM204F Set of 4 (23"-32")
LKM204FH Set of 4 (23"-32") standard gauge
LKM205F Set of 5
LKM205FH Set of 5
LKM220A 20" (Aluminum kettle) w/o gauge
LKM220AH 20" w/ standard gauge
Machine Series Timpani
Model Name
LKM223F 23"
LKM223FH 23" w/ standard gauge
LKM226F 26"
LKM226FH 26" w/ standard gauge
LKM229F 29"
LKM229FH 29" w/ standard gauge
LKM232F 32"
LKM232FH 32" w/ standard gauge

Ludwig Drums and Percussion