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Ludwig Meet the Team
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Ludwig Meet the Team
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1. Ludwig Team Position and Time Served:
Ludwig Combo Sales Manager - I spend the first 4 as an inside service rep and the past 4 in sales.
2. Things you love about your job:
First and foremost is being associated with the most famous name in drums. Also being involved in the music industry and working with drums and drummers along with the friends and relationships I have built in the industry along the way.
3. Challenging aspects:
The continuous pressures of an ever changing industry and not only keeping pace but facing the challenges of setting it.
4. Drumming experience, and how it all started:
I've been drumming for about 46 years. I started playing because of Ringo and The Beatles like most aspiring young drummers of that era. I began playing professionally around 1980. I was a full-time musician all through the 80's into the early 90's.
5. Were there any experiences before you came to Ludwig that you feel prepared you for what you do now?
All my years as a professional drummer have provided me a lifetime of knowing and understanding drummer's wants and needs. I'm not only a manger, I'm also a client! I always handled the business end in the bands I've been in and that acclimated me to managing business and relations now.
6. Most memorable experiences while "on duty" with Ludwig:
Having had the honor and privilege to meet one of my drum heroes, Bun E Carlos, (whom I now consider a friend!) Also getting to see Bun's amazing drum collection. Touring the Capital Records Building in Hollywood (twice!) rates highly also. Having dinner with Vinnie Colaiuta stands out as well.
7. Current Drumming Gig outside Ludwig:
I play in a 5-piece old-school funk and soul band out of South Bend Indiana called Soul Funkshun.
8. Favorite "Ludwig Era" of drum making:
9. Strangest thing that has happened on the job:
Finding myself involved in an impromptu phone discussion with drummer Hunt Sales. Great guy and fantastic player!
10. Do you collect Ludwig Drums? Favorite Piece:
Yes, I have various Ludwig snare drums and a 1970 Ludwig Standard set which is near and dear to me.
11. Your current playing set-up, and what you dig about it:
2009 Classic Maple in Ginger Glass Glitter; 18x22" bass drum, 14x16" floor tom, 8x12" tom, 8x10" tom, 6.5x14" 100th Anniversary Black Beauty. I love the lively response, projection and resonance of the Classic Maple toms. They have so much character and are extremely musical. The Black Beauty snare drum offers immense versatility for every possible musical situation.
12. Favorite concerts/gigs featuring a Ludwig Artists:
Cheap Trick, The Black Crowes, Aerosmith
13. What drew you to Ludwig?
Job opportunity for percussion specialist in customer service.
14. What, to you, makes Ludwig unique?
Definitely the history, heritage and longevity of the company. Not too many 103 year old entities out there.
15. Any upcoming projects that you are particularly excited about?
The next phase of Atlas Hardware and new upcoming Classic Maple finishes.
16. Who are you major drumming influences?
Prairie Prince, Bun E Carlos, Ringo Starr
17. What are your five favorite albums (drumming or otherwise)?
Todd Rundgren - Anthology
Utopia - POV
Xtc - Skylarking
The Grays - Ro Sham Bo
Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick

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