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1. Ludwig Team Position and Time Served:
Ludwig Customer Service 6yrs, now International Customer Coordinator
2. Things you love about your job:
Helping people and being a part of the Music Business world.
3. Challenging aspects:
Some questions can be quite technical. Really have to do your homework.
4. Drumming experience, and how it all started:
Received my first drum (Ludwig Acrolite) in 5th grade. Had to take a year of piano lessons before my parents gave in!
5. Were there any experiences before you came to Ludwig that you feel prepared you for what you do now?
I relate to customers questions due to my own playing experience.
6. Most memorable experiences while "on duty" with Ludwig:
2006 DCI World Championship, Madison, WI / Hanging out with Bill Ludwig III, Bun e Carlos, Victor Salazar, and Kevin Packard after Tinted Windows show in Chicago.
7. Current Drumming Gig outside Ludwig:
8. Favorite "Ludwig Era" of drum making:
80's Mirrored Chrome Van Halen sized Power kits!
9. Strangest thing that has happened on the job:
Ludwig team in costume for Halloween was pretty strange.
10. Do you collect Ludwig Drums? Favorite Piece:
Bun e Carlos ltd ed snare / White Marine Pearl snare signed by Butch Miles
11. Your current playing set-up, and what you dig about it:
12. Favorite concerts/gigs featuring a Ludwig Artists:
SCOTS with Dave Hartman / Jimmy Buffet with Eric Darken.
13. What drew you to Ludwig?
Ludwig is Legend in my book and I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it.
14. What, to you, makes Ludwig unique?
Old school influence and dedication to their roots.
15. Any upcoming projects that you are particularly excited about?
16. Who are you major drumming influences?
John Bonham, Nicko McBrain, Alex Van Halen, Ron Keezer*(thanks for the lessons)
17. What are your five favorite albums (drumming or otherwise)?
Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin, 1984 Van Halen, When I Woke - Rusted Root, Planet Drum - Mickey Hart, and for wooing the ladies Michael Buble' 2003 (did you realize that was Vinnie Colaiuta on drums;)

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